Ricerca scientifica

Siamo coinvolti in gruppi di ricerca universitari per quanto riguarda la Chirurgia Orale, con particolare attenzione alle tecniche ricostruttive, all’ implantologia e ai nuovi biomateriali. Le nostre Pubblicazioni più rilevanti sono visibili sul database bibliografico della letteratura scientifica biomedica internazionale PUBMED.

Ricerca scientifica

Elenco delle principali pubblicazioni

  • 2012

    – Combined treatment of odontogenic keratocysts: initial marsupialization and successive enucleation with peripheral ostectomy plus Carnoy’s solution application. A five-year follow-up experience. Minerva Stomatologica
    – Minimally invasive surgical approach in a large mandibular solitary cyst: case report and review of the literature. Minerva Stomatologica
    – Ridge augmentation with Ti-mesh and autogenous bone grafts. A 88 months retrospective study on 13 patients. Poster abstract into Clinical Oral Implant Research
    – Chirurgia flapless guidata per la riabilitazione immediata di edentulie totali: descrizione di un caso clinico. Quintessenza Internazionale – Speciale 2012

  • 2013

    – Histomorphometrical Evaluation of Fresh Frozen Bone Allografts for Alveolar Bone Reconstruction: Preliminary Cases Comparing Femoral Head with Iliac Crest Grafts. Clinical Implant Dentistry & Related Research
    – Computer-aided flapless surgery for implant prosthodontic rehabilitation of edentulous patients: a clinical case report. European Journal of Oral Surgery


  • 2014

    – Poly-D-L-Lactic Acid (PDLLA) devices for bone regeneration: a histomorphometric study in pigs. Poster abstract into European Journal of Oral Implantology
    – Long-term survival rate of implants placed in conjunction with 246 sinus floor elevation procedures: results of a 15-year retrospective study. Journal of Dentistry
    – Accuracy of computer-aided template-guided oral implant placement: a prospective clinical study. Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science
    – Alveolar ridge augmentation with titanium mesh. A retrospective clinical study. The Open Dentistry Journal
    – Alveolar ridge reconstruction with titanium meshes: A systematic review of the literature. Medicina Oral, Patologia Oral y Cirurgia Bucal

  • 2015

    – A retrospective evaluation of 192 implants placed in augmented bone: a six-year mean follow-up study. Journal of Oral Implantology
    – Reconstruction and Implant Rehabilitation of the Completely Edentulous Maxilla and Mandible Utilizing Iliac Crest Autogenous Block Grafts: A Clinical Case-Report. Oral Health and Dental Management Journal
    – Surgical Treatment of Peri-Implantitis: A 17-Year Follow-Up Clinical Case Report. Case Reports in Dentistry Journal
    – Poly-D-L-Lactic Acid Membranes for Bone Regeneration. The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery


  • 2016

    – Computer-aided flapless implant surgery and immediate loading. A technical note. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Journal
    – Long-Term Retrospective Evaluation of Dental Implants Placed in Resorbed Jaws Reconstructed With Appositional Fresh-Frozen Bone Allografts. Implant Dentistry
    – The use of a collagenated porcine cortical lamina in the reconstruction of alveolar ridge defects. A clinical and histological study. Minerva Stomatologica
    – The Use of Invisalign® System in the Management of the Orthodontic Treatment before and after Class III Surgical Approach. Case Reports in Dentistry
    – Risk indicators related to peri-implant disease: an observational retrospective cohort study. Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science
    – Hard and Soft Tissue Management of a Localized Alveolar Ridge Atrophy with Autogenous Sources and Biomaterials: A Challenging Clinical Case. Case Reports in Dentistry
    – Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis:Current understanding of their diagnosis, clinical implications and a report of treatment using a combined therapy approach. Journal of Oral Implantology

  • 2017

    – Oral Rehabilitation of a Patient With Ectodermal Dysplasia Treated With Fresh-Frozen Bone Allografts and Computer-Guided Implant Placement: A Clinical Case Report. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    – Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis: A Current Understanding of Their Diagnosis, Clinical Implications, and a Report of Treatment Using a Combined Therapy Approach. Journal of Oral Implantology
    – Diagnostic Workup and Treatment of a Rare Apocrine Hidrocystoma Affecting the Oral Mucosa: A Clinical and Histological Case Report. Case Reports in Dentistry
    – Alveolar socket preservation with demineralised bovine bone mineral and a collagen matrix. Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science
    – Soft tissue enhancement combined with biologically oriented preparation technique (BOPT) to correct volumetric bone defects: a clinical case report. Journal of Oral Implantology